How WayUp’s Culture Club Creates A Fun, Inclusive Workplace

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The Culture Club at WayUp strives to foster an inclusive, productive workplace where every team member feels welcomed. The club has three values which are core to its identity: learning and development; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and social responsibility. At least one person from each team at WayUp attends a weekly meeting where they attend a discussion on how the group can organize new, engaging initiatives that make team members feel proud to work at WayUp. 

Here’s a closer look at how the WayUp Culture Club achieves those goals—and why they’re so important in the first place.

Analysts at Gallup continue to report that a staggeringly low percentage of employees in the United States feel engaged with their work (only 31 percent in their most recent publication). This comes as no surprise, especially when you read Deloitte’s report on global human capital trends which cited only 28 percent of executives as saying they understood their organization’s culture.

The Culture Club at WayUp addresses this challenging trend by working to ensure that WayUp’s mission, vision, and values are integrated into everything we do. The club is always looking for new ideas and actively invites other team members to join the club or attend a meeting to help think of new initiatives.

Team members at WayUp can expect the club to host lively events like an after-work happy hour or lunch-time trivia, but the Culture Club also has a sincere commitment to social responsibility. The club has organized events like a back-to-school drive where team members donated critical supplies to students in need and a coat drive that supplied those in need with some warm clothes during the New York winter.

Not only do these programs enrich the communities that WayUp serves, they also enrich the WayUp community.

Given recent events concerning racial injustice, the Culture Club has prioritized bringing awareness to some of the critical issues plaguing our country. The team created a  comprehensive guide on how to better educate yourself on the topic, and how to then take action in response.

Recently, the club hosted a film club and discussed the Netflix documentary 13th. In a virtual, round-table setting, team members had an open and honest discussion on some of the critical themes in this movie which have enveloped our culture over the past few months. These issues affect both WayUp’s team members and the platform’s users, and to shy away from examining them in a deliberate way would be a great disservice to our community.

Transitioning to a fully-remote workspace spawned new challenges for the club to address. But with these challenges came new ideas on how to cultivate a community in a virtual space, like using online platforms to host company-wide trivia and bringing in instructors to lead fitness classes over Zoom.

The environment may change, but the Culture Club’s mission remains the same, and now, more than ever, their work helps to bring a sense of belonging to WayUp’s team members.

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