The Skill That’s In High Demand By Wall Street Giants And Tech Titans—And How You Can Get Certified In It

The Skill That’s In High Demand By Wall Street Giants And Tech Titans—And How You Can Get Certified In It was originally published on WayUp.

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If you’re interested in a top business role at a prestigious company, then you’ve probably seen the title “Analyst” while doing your research. And while there’s a wide range of roles that fall under that title, they all involve the parsing, arrangement, and presentation of data. Top businesses need data analysis to function and thrive.

As former Morgan Stanley CTO Tsvi Gal told the UPenn Wharton Business Journal, “We [may be] in banking, but we live and die on information…Data analytics is the oxygen of Wall Street.”

If you want to have a real advantage when applying to roles at banks, tech companies, and everything in between, then you should be learning data science. Here’s a quick look at how—through the help of Emeritus, an education technology company—you can get certified in data science or one of its applications (like machine learning) and finally get the internship or entry-level job you really want.

Get Certified—And Actually Trained—With Courses Run By Columbia, Dartmouth, And Other Top Schools

Emeritus’ mission is to help people learn—safely and remotely—the skills they need to succeed in STEM and business careers. But they’re not in this alone. Emeritus works with a network of experienced professors, business leaders, and elite institutions to ensure that the certificate programs they offer aren’t just theoretical.

In their data science programs, you’ll learn the skills necessary to extract, analyze, and synthesize the data that powers major business decisions. Depending on the specific course or track you select, you’ll learn the concepts and applications of business analytics, data visualization, gamification, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

These are the skills that recruiters at Big Four firms, Silicon Valley giants, and major banks are scanning your resume for. And with a certification from a name-brand institution on there, recruiters will be able to tell you really do possess them.

The best part is that most of these courses can be completed in two to three months—essentially, the length of a summer. Whether you’re tackling an internship this summer—or if you had one unfortunately cancel on you—this is the perfect time to get started on the skill set you really need.

How Data Science Skills Can Change Your Career

But like any good data scientist, you’ll probably need to see the numbers on this. Career site Glassdoor regularly marks Data Scientist as one of their Top 5 Jobs in America, noting a median annual base salary of over six figures ($113,309, to be specific). 

But whether you start in data science, data analysis, or even a more tech-heavy lane like machine learning, you’ll be building a career that can often lead to a C-level executive position or acceptance to a top MBA or master’s program.

Want to learn more about how to supercharge your resume—and your career—with a certificate in data science? Check out the courses from Emeritus below:

Applied Data Science with Columbia Engineering 

Professional Certificate in Applied Data Science with Dartmouth 

Applied Machine Learning with Columbia Engineering

Learn Python For Data Analytics

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