There is Nothing Fake About These Faux Meat Jobs

Woman holds up a large hamburgerMeat is a living thing, and as such, it evolves––primarily in an effort to avoid being eaten. Think of the meat-fueled legs of javelinas running from a coyote in the desert plains of Arizona. Yet, humans’ love for tasty creatures has led to issues of animal welfare and climate change. According to Greenpeace USA, 14% of global emissions are a product of raising animals for food and 80% of rainforest loss is due to cattle ranching. With these inconvenient truths, scientists and capitalism found a strange alliance––fake animal protein. As such, there is a boom in exciting careers as the faux meat market skyrockets.

Check out a few of the different jobs available in this unique, growing food industry.

Flavor Scientist

Despite the name, a flavor scientist isn’t strictly focused on making food taste delicious. These science foodies’ primary role is to seek ways to make food more nutritious, easier to manufacture and longer-lasting. A bachelor’s degree in science with coursework in biochemistry, law, product development, and nutrition will be particularly useful in seeking work for this position.

Biopolymer Scientist

In the faux meat sector, a biopolymer scientist will work to discover new and exciting uses of ingredients, er, what they call chemicals. In particular, you’ll work with starches, proteins, and hydrocolloids in various ways. An advanced degree in food science, chemistry, biochemistry, or a related field will likely be necessary for this career.

Culinary Manager

Take your kitchen skills to the next level. As a culinary manager, you’ll collaborate with chefs and practice various cooking methods to find the ideal uses and directions for fake meat. Afterward, you’ll share your results with the sales and development team so they can publish those recipes and relay them to partner restaurants. A bachelor’s degree in culinary science with proven experience leading a kitchen will be a prerequisite for this career path.

Brand Manager

If the lab is the engine to fake meat ventures, then the brand manager is the driver. In this role, you’ll need to find new ways to convince carnivorous Americans to give plants a chance. You may seek corporate partnerships, collaborate with field teams, and support the PR manager. A bachelor’s degree in a related field will be useful, along with extensive experience in consumer behavior and brand management.

Production Supervisor

If you’ve found yourself as the primary lead for projects and are keen on details, this job could be perfect for you. In this role, you’ll oversee the faux meats from production to shipment. Easy, right? Hardly. You’ll have to oversee a massive operation in a rapid-paced environment, all while ensuring the safety and quality of the products are top-notch. And let’s not forget you’ll be managing numerous employees while you’re at it. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in engineering, food science, or extensive experience in a related management role.

Find Your Career Path

The jobs shown here are only a small sampling of the diverse careers available in this sector. If you’re seeking to make a career out of saving animal’s lives, preserving forests and lakes, all while allowing the world to continue to have their barbecues, the faux meat market could be the perfect career choice. Seek out some of your own favorite brand’s job boards and schedule a session with our office to get support on the application process.

By Thomas Guzowski, U of R Employee
Thomas Guzowski, U of R Employee Assistant Director of Marketing Thomas Guzowski, U of R Employee