7 Cool Careers in Events Based on Your Personality Type

A tan and black pug looks upward with a polka dot party hat on its head.

For some people, the thought of having anything to do with planning, organizing, and hosting an event is better left to the experts. They rather spend their time picking out the perfect outfit. But for others, the work leading up to the event or keeping the party rollicking smoothly is where the real fun is. And it just so happens to be, there’s plenty of careers in events for every type of personality. Check out a few of our recommendations below.

The Control Freak

Are you someone who obsesses over every tiny detail of a party, such as what cocktails you’ll offer, who you should invite, and when the pizza should arrive? Then you may consider a career as an Event Planner. In this role, you’ll be the main person in charge ensuring an exceptionally smooth operation where the band arrives on schedule, the caterer serves the perfect entrees for the vegan bride, and any surprise is dealt with promptly––because there are no surprises on the schedule.

The Worrier

Every party benefits from the “doomsday planner”. If you’re the person who looks at the canopy and wonders if it’s properly secured and meets city code, while simultaneously noting when the band needs to quiet down, you could discover a lucrative career as an Events Operations Manager. These people work with city officials, safety departments, and organizers to ensure an event is up to regulations and all the moving parts keep moving.

The Leader

When it comes to a challenge, you measure it in the number of people who can tackle it. As such, you may consider being a Volunteer Coordinator. In this role, you’ll always be cycling through a new team of eager do’ers, learning their strengths, and sending them off to set up stages, break down chairs, and all the other gazillion tasks a large production entails.

The Influencer

When you talk, people tune in. It’s why your social media feed is loaded with so many followers. If this is you, consider work as a Communications Assistant. You’ll prepare promotional materials, track social media analytics, respond to comments, and more.

The Empath

With your bright-eyed view of the world, you believe in the ability to change the world with a little love. Now, as a Donor Relations Officer, you can turn your love for causes into a career. You’ll figure out ways to appeal to the charitable side of people, set goals, and send adorable thank you cards to all the amazing people who donated.

The People Pleaser

When it comes to making people happy and making wrongs, right, you’re the person people visit. A Resort Operations Manager may work on the periphery of events, but those fancy family reunions must happen somewhere. In this role, you’ll ensure those party revelers’ needs are always met and they’re ready to schedule their next visit before they even leave.

The Foodie

For you, food is your personality. It’s how you express yourself when alone and with others. As such, you may love a career as an Event Chef. This unique career will have you entertain attendees by leading guided lessons on how to prepare meals, whip up delicious cocktails at home, and more. This can all be done at other people’s homes or at a designated event space.


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By Thomas Guzowski, U of R Employee
Thomas Guzowski, U of R Employee Assistant Director of Marketing Thomas Guzowski, U of R Employee