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The Top 5 Reasons Why I Chose Morgan Stanley by Jenkins ’21

My name is Keylana Jenkins; I am currently a senior at The University of Redlands studying Global Business and Asian Studies. After graduation, I will be joining Morgan Stanley as a Full-Time Wealth Management Rotational Analyst. Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services firm providing a wide range of investment banking, securities, wealth management, and investment management services. Right now, I am one of Morgan Stanley’s Student Ambassadors. As a Student Ambassador, my role is to help underclassmen discover opportunities at Morgan Stanley, add interested students to the “interest list,” and share the 2023 Interest Survey, and Promote Campus Recruiting Events and Initiatives. Before I decided to work with this firm, I did intense research on the company. I would be delighted to share with you the top 5 reasons why I chose Morgan Stanley.

1. Mobility

Morgan Stanley has many opportunities for employees to move around internally and internationally. This company has over ten divisions providing employees with a lot of opportunities to move throughout the company. These divisions include Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Investment Management, Human Resources, Finance, and more. Additionally, Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial service firm with over 30 locations all over the world. Some locations are in the United States, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and more.

2. Core Values

Since 1935, Morgan Stanley has been focused on how they can better serve clients, ultimately living up to their mission, which is providing first-class business in a first-class way. The firm’s core values are to Put Clients First, Do the Right Thing, Lead with Exceptional Ideas, and Give Back; emphasize all they do. Additionally, I am extremely appreciative of the newly added core value of Commit to Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity and Inclusion are important to me, and this firm has made many efforts to support and learn from diverse individuals. They have made donations to the NAACP legal fund as an effort to support BLM. In addition, I am also appreciative of the employee networking groups like Women in wealth and Black employee networking group in North America, and Women’s business alliance in the Asian Pacific location.

3. Mentorship

Many individuals at Morgan Stanley are there to help future generations. During the summer internships, every student has two mentors. One mentor is in a senior role, and another is a full-time analyst. There are also other opportunities for students to network and develop more connections with employees in the firm.

4. Early Insight Programs

Morgan Stanley has early insight programs for students; to learn more about the firm and develop connections with current employees. Some examples of their early insight programs include Women Early Insights Program, Revenue Early Insights Program, Sophomore Early Insights program, and many other Diversity programs for students.

5. Employees Are Valued

During my summer internship, I worked with the firm’s Financial Wellness team in Wealth Management. Financial Wellness is essentially a start-up team within Morgan Stanley’s Wealth Management that focuses on ways employers can help alleviate their employee’s financial stress. This unique experience allowed me to witness how every Morgan Stanley employees’ opinion was valued. Concluding this internship, I was even able to share my passions on the wealth gap and provide insight on ways Morgan Stanley’s Financial Wellness team could help address this issue. Every individual I worked with truly valued my opinions and was always willing to set time aside to chat.

All of these different attributes that Morgan Stanley has have been so important to me. The culture, the environment, the people, and the resources would have to be the main reasons I would like to work for Morgan Stanley. Overall, the purpose of this blog is to share several reasons why I chose Morgan Stanley, to inform, educate and promote, Morgan Stanley. If you would like to learn more about Morgan Stanley, please feel free to reach out to me. Och Tamale!

About the Author | Keylana Jenkins is from St. Louis, Missouri, and a Global Business and Asian Studies senior at the University of Redlands. At campus, she is involved in the Proudian Honors Program, Alpha Xi Omicron, and serves as an Admission Student Ambassador. In her first year of college, she drove with her family from St.Louis, Mo to Redlands, Ca non-stop.

By Keylana Jenkins '21
Keylana Jenkins '21