Personalize Your Email Alerts!

What if the perfect career advice or job is just waiting to land in your inbox? Don’t miss the alert that changes your entire future! Personalize the alerts you receive and choose how often you receive them. Check out the simple directions below to see how you can tailor what you receive to meet your needs, whether you’re looking to learn how to prepare for an interview or access career resources as a “First Gen Student”, we have you covered.


Here’s how to choose what information you receive–


Step 1Login to your career account using your university email address or make a new account.


Step 2 – Once logged in, select PREFERENCES from the drop-down menu under your profile.


Step 3 – Choose the type of content you would like to receive in your email alert.


Step 4 – Select UPDATE PREFERENCES after you’ve made your choices.


You’re done! You’re now on your way to receiving useful career advice that speaks to exactly you on this fun and winding journey. 


By Thomas Guzowski, U of R Employee
Thomas Guzowski, U of R Employee Assistant Director of Marketing