Considering a Career in Creative Writing & Media Production? Tune in to these Alumni!

Creative careers can be full of twists and turns. You might be majoring in English because you thought you wanted to be a teacher, but it turns out – poetry is calling your name. Perhaps you are more interested in production, from online articles to printed zines. You might be entirely focused on a different field of study but end up pursuing a creative hobby for your job instead. If you’re interested in a career in Creative Writing or Media Production, you know it is vast and full of opportunity, but, where do you start? Do you focus on copywriting, journalism, editing, media, or graphics? Do you combine them in an interdisciplinary way? Do you need an internship to find a job? How do you get your resumes noticed amid a sea of competing applicants? Well, the alumni joining us for our 4th Annual Career Conference will help shed light on these questions. Join us, Saturday, March 26th at 10 am for the Careers in Creative Writing & Media Production Panel.

Event image and registration link: 4th Annual Career Conference, 2022

What will you learn?

Each panel, moderated by an OCPD staff member, will ask questions on a variety of topics. You can expect to learn about how these alumni found their first opportunity in their field, how they made decisions about growth and new opportunities, how their identities come up a their workplace, and how they have navigated the pandemic and its impact on their careers. Each panelist will also share the career advice that has been helpful to them in hopes that it helps you determine your path too.

Who will you meet?

Each year, the OCPD picks a diverse group of panelists to share about their career journeys – some who have been out of college just a few years and others with decades of experience. This year’s Creative Writing & Media Production Panel includes alumni who studied Biology & Chemistry, Creative Writing, English, Public Policy, and Sociology & Anthropology. Their professions explore the writing and production that supports diverse types of media including academic journals, advertising, newspapers, movie trailers, and podcasts. You’ll be learning a lot about hands on work in these fields and have an opportunity to connect with them afterwards. Meet our panelists below:

Amma Adomaa-Fojour, Biology & Chemistry ’18
Production & Motion Graphic Designer, AV Squad – Los Angeles

Brent Hannify, Creative Writing ’09
Senior Copywriter, GovX

Sydney Rapp, Sociology & Anthropology ’19
Development Producer, Crooked Media

David James Heiss, English & Writing ’95
Staff Writer, Record Gazette

Veronica Knutson, Creative Writing & Public Policy ’18
Editorial Assistant, New York University Press

By Lauren Wooster
Lauren Wooster Associate Director for Career Strategy & Integration