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What If I’m Unsure About My Career Path?

Picking a major and/or deciding on a career or graduate school is a big decision! Remember, there is no right major so pick something that motivates you to succeed, the rest you will build along the way. Need some inspiration? Explore below to learn more about the competencies that employers look for (hint; you’ll learn these while earning your liberal arts degree) and the tools and resources available to help you reflect on a pathway that is a good fit for you.


Career Readiness Competencies (adapted from National Association of Colleges & Employers)

Critical Thinking Your ability to demonstrate problem solving and logic
Professionalism Your ability to understand and meet industry culture and expectations – from working autonomously to appropriate dress
Communication Your ability to demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills, from public speaking to emails
Teamwork Your ability to collaborate with your team/supervisor(s) in order to accomplish tasks at hand, and/or accomplish your share of work
Leadership Your ability to demonstrate leadership qualities and skills by setting an example and/or leading the way
Digital Technology Your ability to utilize technology- from internet researching to using specific computer programs like Excel
Career Management Your ability to articulate your strengths and areas for improvement, and to know when ask for more responsibility
Intercultural Fluency Your ability to value, respect, and learn from diverse cultures as well as understand individuals’ differences

Major/Job Exploration Tools

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