HR, Sales, and Operations

What is the HR, Sales, & Operations Industry?

Every organization and business, regardless of size, has an essential need for people who can ensure they perform smoothly. This career sector is built for people who love being behind the scenes, yet, want to contribute to the success of the workplace. Explore below to learn more about the duties and how you might express those to an employer, who might hire you, and all kinds of related resources!


Key Duties

Sample Résumé Language

Manage Staff Manage staff team including setting schedules, creating and maintaining priority goals, and tracking performance
Process Paperwork
Deliver offer letters, update employee records and benefits, and create onboarding processes to ensure satisfaction
Increase Sales
Generate a clientele and build relationships to meet quarterly sales goals
Handle Logistics Create or implement a system to track all sales, shipments, and internal or external partner contracts

Top Job Boards

  • SHRM HR Jobs | Apply to a variety of HR careers in one location.
  • | Seek out some of the top HR careers.
  • CareerShift | An exclusive job search platform for students.

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