Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, and Events

What are Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, and Events?

Consider this industry if you are an avid communicator and love promoting big ideas through creative concepts, and staying on top of trends and competition. Explore below to learn more about the duties and how you might express those to an employer, who might hire you, and all kinds of related resources!


Key Duties

Sample Résumé Language

Analytics Research how target audience interacts with content to better hone material and place ads to increase awareness of product/services
Create Content Create written, visual, and audio content to support brand awareness for your clients and increase popularity with audiences
Develop Brands Collaborate with client to develop a brand that reflects their company, mission, and value and appeals to the target audience
Represent Clients Represent clients through public-facing channels via interviews, social media, and print to help them gain support and publicity

Top Job Boards

  • Media Bistro | Search thousands of jobs in media and advertising.
  • AMA Job Board | A job board housed in the American Marketing Association.
  • PRSA Jobs | A job board through the Public Relations Society of America.
  • CareerShift | An exclusive job search platform for students.

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