Careers in Science Fair & Pizza Party

U of R student wearing a lab coat while solving a chemistry question on a whiteboard.

Attend the Careers in Science Fair & Pizza Party to learn about the different careers in Chemistry and Biology, and connect with U of R alumni, while enjoying free pizza! The Office of Career & Professional Development will also be in attendance to offer advice on graduate school and internships in the science field.

Learn more about the invited guests below:

Name  Job Title  Company or Industry 
Corrina Tapia ‘15 Associate Biologist  ECORP 
Kristen Wasz ‘05 Biology Group Leader and Senior Wildlife Biologist  ECORP 
Jessica Allen ‘16 Data Analyst and Strategist  ESRI 
Roxana Apostal ‘16  Physician  Radiology 
Dr. Stanley French  Urologist and Medical Director of Surgical Outcomes  Martin Luther King Hospital
Amy Lopez Rivera ‘16 

Physician Assistant (Masters in Public Health)


Public Health 
Ally Busch ‘21;  Physician Assistant Student  Gannon University-Ruskin 
Jennie Rios ‘15  Genetics Counselor  USC Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery 
Lissa Warner ‘16 Process Development Engineer  Illumina 
Ross Blanchard ‘11 Software Engineer  GRAIL 
Jared Cellini ‘20 Biochemistry PhD Student  UCLA 
Kaitlyn Lesko ‘22  Medical Device Sales and Marketing  Medical Device Sales and Marketing, Trauma; Globus Medical 
Alyssa Fuentes  Community Health  Project Horseshoe Farm 
Samira Asseh  Community Health  Project Horseshoe Farm 
Tyler Nellos ‘20  Research Analyst  Lumanity 
Brendan Cooney ‘15  Restaurant Manager  n/a 
Preston Carr  Assistant  Athletes to Career (Recruiting Company)
Joaquin Schmidt ‘19 Research Assistant Phase Scientific
Keck Graduate Institute—various graduate programs in biotechnology and the health professions, Garghi Gosh (Bioprocessing) 

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For more information, contact:
Ben Aronson
Professor of Biology
University of Redlands

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