Accomplishment Statements

Employers aren’t interested in your previous responsibilities. They want to know what you accomplished, the outcome, and the results of your former work. Showing the skills and strengths you developed in each of these experiences will give your resume more depth.

Duties and ResponsibilitiesAccomplishments
Was responsible for all salesIncreased sales by 57% in 3 months
Saved money on corporate benefitsResearched long-term disability insurance, saving the company $7,000 annually

Questions to Consider

  • How did you solve one or more specific problems in your previous work?
  • What strengths do you bring to a team?
  • How did you build relationships with partners?
  • How have you managed funds for your organization?

How to Write It

Start with a strong verb that speaks to your strengths. Then, provide context to your achievement–the who, what, and how. Next, reveal the result using numbers whenever possible.

Strong VerbContextThe Result
Coordinated a grassroots marketing campaignresulting in an increased participation rate of our services by 12%
Produced a more equitable work from home policyleading to a 98% employee satisfaction rate
Organized the companies annual retreatthat ensured the location was inclusive to our diverse employee needs

Get It Reviewed

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