Interviews | The STAR Method

When it comes to preparing for an interview, the most widely accepted approach is the STAR method. When you are given a question from the interviewer, apply the STAR method, as seen below, and you’ll be sure to provide solid answers.

Situation Task Action Result
Describe the situation. Be as specific as possible. Describe your responsibility within the situation, such as what you had to complete. Explain the steps you took or the process you used to complete the project. Explain the outcome that resulted from your action. Remember to provide specifics.

Example of the STAR Method in Use

Interviewer | “Explain a work experience you had that presented difficult challenges. How were you able to overcome those challenges?”


“Our order speeds at a local café began to concern my supervisor. People would place an order at the kiosk and then had to wait as their food was prepared. The issue was that they would often block the kiosk and it made confusion and delays to serve the next people in line.”


“I was asked to figure out a way to improve our order speed by 20%.”


“From my acute observations of the order process and how I noticed there was a furniture arrangement that prevented people from being able to relocate further away from the kiosk. I used a basic app that allows you to rearrange furniture within the dimensions of the room to determine a more efficient space. I then presented the mock-ups to my supervisor with my proposed solution.”


“My supervisor loved the idea and immediately had the furniture relocated to my specifications. The order times not only improved by 20%, they actually improved by 32% as a result.”