Professional Orgs | Latinx Community

A professional organization offers a variety of benefits to students, entry-level employees, and experts in their fields. Memberships often provide access to exclusive events, valuable resources, networking, and look excellent on your resume.

Association of Latino Professionals for America

This professional organization is focused on supporting “Latino men and women as leaders of character for the nation, in every sector of the global economy.” Students can become members for free and can access local partner job postings, local events, and more.

NALEO Educational Fund

Founded in 1981, the NALEO Educational Fund works “facilitates full Latino participation in the American political process, from citizenship to public service.” Members receive access to professional development seminars, virtual events, an invitation to the Edward R. Roybal Gala, exclusive publications, and more.

US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce engages in the promotion and advocacy of “Hispanic-owned businesses” and its “network of more than 250 local chambers and business associations nationwide.” Consider joining a local chapter in your area to connect with other small business owners who share your identity and community focus.

A Note About Membership Fees

Many professional memberships require yearly fees or a one-time payment. Always ask if there are free or discounted options for students or recent graduates. Your employer may also have a partnership where you can receive free access. If not, ask your employer if they would cover or share the membership price as it relates to your work.