Resume | Downloadable Layout

When it comes to building a resume from scratch, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the details you should list. Download our free resume layout formatted for Microsoft Word to get started. But remember, a resume should evolve with your career. Keep regularly updating it and feel free to bend the rules as you see fit. For most college students and entry-level employees, our resume will fit your needs. In addition, here are a few useful guidelines you may want to consider.

The Layout

If you’re starting out in your career, keep your resume to a single page. By selecting the correct font size, margins, and keeping the content concise, this will not be a challenge.

  1. Fonts | Size 10 or 11
  2. Margins |.25″ – .5″
  3. Colors | Black or Dark Grey

The Education Section

Your education should be listed at the top of the page if you recently graduated or are currently enrolled.

  1. Graduation Date | If you recently graduated, list this. If you’re concerned about age discrimination later in your career, you can leave it off.
  2. GPA | If your score is less than 3.5, we recommend not including this.
  3. Coursework | This is only necessary if you lack professional work experience. Consider listing the coursework and specific accomplishments from the coursework.

The Experience Section

This is the core section of your resume and should include relevant work experience.

  1. Dates | You may consider listing the month and year or only the year range.
  2. Accomplishments | Begin with a verb, then follow with what the task or challenge was, and finish with the result or outcome.
  3. Keep it Relevant | All examples of accomplishments should relate to the specific job you are seeking.

The Skills Section

This can be included at the bottom or toward the top, depending on your specific needs.

  1. Hard Skills | Reference software, programs, and other skills that can be verified. Consider seeking certifications as proof.
  2. Language Skills | Only list language skills you have strong proficiency in. Consider seeking a language certification as proof of proficiency.


Never shy away from showcasing your skills and accomplishments. However, never mislead or outright lie. Dates, skills, and employers can easily be fact-checked. If an employer discovers you intentionally misrepresented yourself, they may rescind the job offer or terminate your employment.

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