Résumé Essentials

To ensure your résumé is written in a way that will result in quick interview offers, follow this essential guide to cover the basics.

Select Your Layout and Look

For the majority of employers, a basic one-page résumé with a sans serif font in black and white will remain the expectation. However, if you’re an art student seeking a job with a cutting edge design studio, you may want to opt for a more visually engaging document.

Basic Recommendations

  • Fonts | Size 10 or 11; Arial or Helvetica
  • Colors | Black or Dark Gray
  • Margins | 0.25 inch or 0.5 inch
  • Order | If you have limited experience, include your education at the top of your résumé, otherwise, list it at the bottom.

Highlight Your Experience

You’ll want to feature your current and previous work experience, along with any relevant class and volunteer projects. The essential takeaway is to ensure you use action verbs and accomplishments. A common error is when people feature their responsibilities, rather than specifically what made them successful.

Basic Recommendation

  • Feature 4 to 5 accomplishments for each experience.
  • Begin each sentence with an action verb.
  • Example | Led a team of 15 new recruits on the team with the use of effective communication methods.