Science Career Alumni Network (SCAN) | Student/Alumni Org

Receive mentorship and guidance on how to succeed in your science career. You’ll be exposed to professional skill-building activities, individual mentorship, and guidance from a professional in the career of your choice, and gain the opportunity to interact with like-minded people.

Program Focus

Phase 1 | Attend a Career & Professional Development Workshop or Event

Phase 2 | Introductions with group members; Facilitation with mentor and mentee; Leadership and professional activities.

Phase 3 | Meet alumni; Learn about alumni careers; Receive guidance and advice from alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment?

How much time you spend will depend on how many meetings you schedule with your fellow U of R student, alumnus, and the number of activities you participate in. The more time you spend, the more skills and knowledge you’ll gain.

What if the program doesn’t have an alumnus for the career I’m interested in?

The program will do its best to pair you with someone who will offer guidance and advice for your unique interests even if it is not within the specific career you’re seeking.

How will we know what phase my group should be in?

Look out for emails from the student organizer, Delia Carrillo, or professor Ben Aronson. You will receive updates and reminders when it’s time to move on to a new phase.

What if there’s only one U of R student in our group?

The program has planned for this. Modifications for the program will be made to ensure you can participate. You will receive instructions on what modifications to make when the program begins.

What should we do if someone in the group isn’t responsive?

The program is only effective with full participation from everyone. If this occurs, please notify the student organizer, Delia Carrillo.

Do all U of R students need to be present for meetings with the alumnus?

It is highly preferred and recommended for all students to be present for meetings with the alumnus.

Is it mandatory to do all the activities and works offered by SCAN?

No. Some activities and workshops will be optional. However, all activities are selected to provide professional skills and career resources, so participation is encouraged.

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