The Value of Sharing Your Greek Experience

It’s no secret that joining Greek Life can be a fundamental way to meet new people, attend social events, remain active on campus, and create lifelong connections. After rushing my sorority, I knew I wanted to get leadership experience and be involved within my organization to support my future aspirations.

I recommend thinking intentionally about your long-term goals within your organization and outside of it.

  • Is there a position within your organization relevant to your field of interest? 
  • How can you market this experience for gainful employment? 
  • How can you translate your unique experience into professional skills? 
  • What alumni connections can you make?

Here Are Ways to Share Your Greek Experience in a Competitive Job Market

Greek Experience on Your Résumé 

  • Demonstrates leadership and other transferable skills 
  • Highlights your civic engagement 
  • Provides networking perks 
  • An excellent conversation starter 
  • Highlights your time management abilities 

Tips for Explaining Your Greek Experience

  • Brainstorm Skills & Experience 
  • Describing Your Experience 
  • Adding Greek Life to Your Resume 

3 Tips for Answering Interview Questions 

  • Give yourself something to talk about 
  • Document it
  • Practice telling your stories 

Luckily, the University of Redlands has a plethora of alumni that are more than willing to offer insight into how they marketed their experience in the occupational world. Homecoming is a great opportunity to get started with professional networking with previous alumni. Make sure to check out the Alumni Community Relations page for more alumni events.