Virtual Interview Prep


We’ve all seen those videos on YouTube or Instagram, where the lighting is amazing and we’re just in awe of how professional the Influencer looks. You want to replicate that effect for your virtual interview. Try and find a location that has the best lighting and won’t throw any weird shadows as you start your interview. If you’re struggling because the light is the same everywhere you go, think about getting a ring light. They can be as little as $7 at your local TJ Maxx.


Think about any potential sound pollution. Are you in a good place to talk to someone about a job opportunity? You might be the most qualified candidate, but if the interviewer can’t hear you over the craziness going on around you, you might want to consider finding a location that is quiet enough for you to start your interview. Think about reserving a study room at the library,  or asking a friend if you can come over.


Are you in a good space to interview? You want to think about the background and if it will be distracting for the interviewers, and if its professional enough for an interview. You might be super proud of that limited edition DnD poster you managed to snag at the last Comic Con, but watching a barbarian ranger fight off the goblin hordes might not be the most professional backdrop for an accounting interview.

Dress for Success

Dressing for a virtual interview is a little different than dressing for an in-person one. Think about what will be visual to the camera before you decide on wearing those sweatpants. You also want to consider how certain colors and patterns might look on camera. Run a couple of screen-checks before deciding what to wear.

Ditch the Pinstripes

There’s just something empowering when you’re wearing pinstripes. But if it’s a virtual interview, you might want to consider ditching the pinstripes. As a result of pixelation, the stripes might bleed and blur out, leaving a large and buzzy blob in place of your power outfit. Try wearing solid colors for the virtual interviews, and keep the pinstripes for those in-person occasions.