Top 10 Nonprofits in the I.E. Committed to Black Lives

A job can be so much more than clocking in, collecting a paycheck, and waiting for the weekend to arrive–it can be a way to build purpose. Since racism has been officially declared in San Bernardino as a public health crisis, there is a major movement happening in nonprofits serving Black communities. We found 12 nonprofits in our backyard working to fight injustices and foster equity. Check them out and consider seeking an internship, requesting an informational interview, or even volunteering for a project.

Akoma Unity Center

Akoma Unity Center is a grassroots organization building progressive change among African American youth, families, and the community. Most notable is the center’s youth programs, offering diverse learning initiatives in technology, agriculture, sports, and more.


Inland Empire Rebound

With 95% of state prisoners returning to the community, there is a breath-taking need to support reintegration. Inland Empire Rebound serves those returning to society through effective, evidence-supported programs such as job development, anger management, and parenting classes.


Youth Mentoring Action Network

Founded in 2007 by two retired educators, Youth Mentoring Action Network employs the power of mentorship. And the results speak loudly–100% of their mentorees graduate from high school and 99% continue to college. Even more incredible, 100% of those who opt to attend college remain enrolled until graduation!


The Blu Education Foundation

The BLU Education Foundation serves low-income adults and youth within the San Bernardino community. Their programs focus on four areas–college and career access, civic engagement, leadership development, and the arts. The depth of each of these areas is far too great to share here, so consider this just a teaser to the incredible programming they provide.

Starting Over

Access to shelter is a basic human need, so when people lose their homes, their entire world can collapse. Starting Over knows this and that’s why they help men, women, and children transition from homelessness. And you can support their incredible work by volunteering to write grants, fundraise, perform maintenance, and more.


Youth Action Project

Youth Action Project offers youth a clear pathway to sustainable careers. With academic support, soft skills coaching, job training, and more, they aim to ensure youth graduate from a secondary education program and land a sustainable income by 25. And they have the numbers to show how serious they are about it. To date, they’ve served over 500 young adults and padded their wallets with $3.7 million in paid work!


Sigma Beta Xi

Founded in 1998 by an educator at Rialto High and a group of high school students, their mission remains unchanged–break the cycle of poverty and violence through mentoring, education, and organizing. And the details of their programs prove they’re making real change in the community.


National Black Grads

The National Black Grads is the largest African American High School recognition ceremony in all of SoCal! The energy of the event is profound, as graduates, parents, and community members come together to celebrate the academic achievements of young Black students. However, it isn’t only a celebration. National Black Grads provides college resources, life skills, mentoring, and scholarships.


Young Visionaries

Young Visionaries’ purpose is expansive–They empower the lives of young adults with programs in education, employment, health, mentoring, and community action. A glimpse into their work can be seen in their SOS Program. This specific initiative works to provide recent high school graduates obtain meaningful, sustainable employment in San Bernardino’s transportation and logistics industry.


San Bernardino Black Culture Foundation

This seriously grassroots-led organization is run completely on volunteers. They strive to provide meaningful socio-economic and educational programs to the community. And since they’re run by volunteers, they are always eager to welcome new recruits who want to support their cause.

By Thomas Guzowski, U of R Employee
Thomas Guzowski, U of R Employee Assistant Director of Marketing