How to Find a Job or Internship

These resources will help students navigate the job and internship search, understand industry trends, and understand the importance of all experiences on their job/internship search.

Guide to Working at Microsoft

Microsoft is a multinational tech giant famous for its operating systems, productivity applications, and video game consoles. Working at Microsoft means working for one of the most prominent names in technology, and the company offers career opportunities in various areas, …

By Forage
Showcase your skills. Find your career fit.
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Here’s How to Make Money as an Undocumented College Student

College is hard. Getting a job is hard. Paying rent is hard. But doing all this without papers brings an entirely new level of difficulty. Yet, here you are––along with 450,000 other undocumented students estimated to be enrolled in college …

By Thomas Guzowski
Thomas Guzowski Assistant Director of Marketing
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Top 9 Things You Should Do When Leaving an Employer

Starting a new position can be an exciting time, however, it is still important to leave your old job the right way. Leaving correctly can help you avoid problems later and ensure that you leave things the right way with …

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