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Visual and Performing Arts, Media, Writing and Entertainment

This industry is built for those who excel in visuals, audio, writing, entertainment, and more. If you love to talk about the latest entertainment event or find yourself critiquing the font choice of a magazine ad, you may find your dream job here. Explore below to learn more about the duties and how you might express those to an employer, who might hire you, and all kinds of related resources!

The Art of Networking in Creative Industries: Making Connections that Count

Breaking into the creative industry can be a tough ask for anyone. Talent alone won’t get you anywhere, and to make things worse—85% of jobs are filled through either personal or professional connections. After all, nepotism is the connective …

By Magnus Eriksen
Magnus Eriksen
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Top 10 glamorous gig jobs for students, recent grads, and others early in their careers

In today’s fast-paced and flexible work environment, gig jobs offer an attractive alternative to traditional career paths, especially for students, recent graduates, and those early in their careers. Beyond the appeal of flexibility and autonomy, some gig jobs also carry …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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Should I Put My Pronouns on My Resume? Ask the “Queer Career Coach”

While we now use online job boards and Zoom meetings in place of classified ads and formal handshakes, one thing remains the same: A good resume can speak volumes about you, before you even open your mouth. Your resume is …

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