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What is the Arts, Media, Sports, & Entertainment Industry?

This industry is built for those who excel in visuals, audio, entertainment, and more. If you love to talk about the latest sports score or find yourself critiquing the font choice of a magazine ad, you may find your dream job here. Explore below to learn more about the duties and how you might express those to an employer, who might hire you, and all kinds of related resources!


Key Duties

Sample Résumé Language

Visual Representation Create compelling visual representations that convey concepts to meet the goals of personal and client-based projects
Collaboration Collaborate effectively with team members and project stakeholders to meet desired goals and maintain brand image
Analyze Strengths and Weaknesses Maintain awareness of industry competitors and their tactics in order to create effective strategies for team/brand optimization
Scout Talent Utilized advanced knowledge of field/goal to fill specific niche roles or positions from a broad range of applicants/recruits

Top Job Boards

  • Media Bistro | Discover a variety of media careers at top companies, like CNN, PBS, and more.
  • AIGA | Access popular design jobs to smaller, niche design markets.
  • Dribble | Explore global careers in design.
  • NCAA Market | Access hundreds of careers in the college sports field.
  • Work In Sports | Provides a massive collection of different careers in sports, along with advice.
  • CareerShift | An exclusive job search platform for students.

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