Summer Career Studio: Appointment availability will continue through summer via Handshake. Drop-in hours will resume Fall 2024.

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You're Critical In Students Educational Satisfaction

When U of R alumni receive valuable career support from faculty and staff, they rank their educational satisfaction higher than those who didn't, according to the findings from the NACM 2020 survey. We want to ensure you have adequate resources and information to properly guide student interactions. Explore our faculty resources, recorded webinars, career articles, and more.


Faculty & Staff Resources

We always welcome students to drop into our office for professional advice, but this isn’t always an option for those …

Your students see you as a reliable expert on the subject you teach. But they also likely believe you’re a …

The First Year Seminar (FYS) Professionalism and Career Exploration Module, created by 21-22 Career Faculty Fellow, Pat Wing, is designed …

These 7 tips are gleaned from Professor Ben Aronson’s Presentation at his U of R Career Alliance presentation in August …

According to the Higher Education Research Institute’s 2018 Survey on the American Freshman, “85.1% of respondents agreed that a very …

There are multiple ways to engage career in your course to get your students thinking about their next plans.  Here …

Resources to Share With Students

There’s free money out there, but you’ll have to ask for it. Take advantage of various scholarships. Below are a …

A professional organization offers a variety of benefits to students, entry-level employees, and experts in their fields. Memberships often provide …

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