Focus2 Assessment

Focus2 guides students through educational and professional exploration and planning.

Visit the Focus2 login page and click on the REGISTER button.

On the registration page, use ‘bulldog‘ as your access code. From here, you can create your account including your user name and password.

New Students: You are required to take the following 5 assessments in the “Self-Assessment” category for your pre-enrollment checklist: Work Interest, Values, Personality, Skills, and Leisure .

You will not see Focus2 cleared in your student portal immediately: Completion of the Focus2 assessments needs to be manually checked and entered by staff before you will see it cleared in your student portal. Please allow up to 1 week for this entry to happen.

The Focus2 assessment reveals personal insights into your interests, skills, and values. This information may provide guidance in choosing a specific field of study and career. We encourage you to keep an open mind and see what the results reveal.

Upon completion of all FIVE (5) assessments:

  1. SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE HOME PAGE, and under “Career and Education Planning Results” click “Review and Print Portfolio”
  2. Select the following: My Work Interest Assessment, My Values Assessment, My Personality Assessment, My Skills Assessment, & My Leisure Interest Assessment
  3. Now, click “Build my Portfolio”
  4. Click the DOWNLOAD button at the very top right corner of the page

We also encourage you to schedule a session with the Career Studio to review career pathways or to meet with your academic advisor to see what major may align with your results. You may also watch a video to learn more about how to use your results.

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